Learning more about clinical depression with the PHQ-9 questionnaire

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Editor’s note: Now when you search for “depression” on Google on mobile, you’ll see a Knowledge Panel that will give you the option to tap “check if you’re clinically depressed”, which will bring you to PHQ-9, a clinically validated screening questionnaire to test what your likely level of depression may be. To ensure that the […]

The Task Master watch face puts your calendar front and center

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It’s getting harder to do something new with Android Wear watch faces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on what’s already been done. Case in point: the new Task Master watch face shows calendar appointments on your wearable, but it does so better than other watch faces. It’s even usable if you’ve got a […]

Opinion: The Galaxy Note8 is the beginning of the end of the Note – at least as we knew it

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The Galaxy Note8 is, by all accounts, a perfectly competent high-end smartphone from a trusted smartphone brand. Samsung will sell millions of Note8s to Note fans the world over, which will amass Samsung a not-inconsequential pile of money, having made the whole enterprise ostensibly worthwhile. But behind a muted-to-mildly-positive critical reception and a sound business […]

Monument Valley 2 is up for pre-registration in the Play Store

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The original Monument Valley launched in 2014 and immediately captured everyone’s attention with its impossible Escher-esque world of forced perspective and intuitive touch controls. There have been a few add-ons to the game since then, but now a true sequel is about to launch on Android—Monument Valley 2 is live for pre-registration on the Play […]

Here are Asmodee Digital’s upcoming game plans, fresh from Gen Con

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Any tabletop fanatic is going to be pretty familiar with popular board game publisher Asmodee Digital. They have produced digital versions of some of the most popular board games out there today. Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Mysterium, and Splendor are just a few of the high profile releases they have brought to Android, and it would appear that […]

Google adds split-screen snapping to Chrome OS tablet mode

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Over the past year or two, we’ve seen a rise of 2-in-1 Chromebooks like the ASUS Flip lineup and Samsung’s Chromebook Plus/Pro. But using Chrome OS in tablet mode is still rough around the edges. Now Google is trying to change that, with the introduction of split-screen windows in tablet mode. Currently, when you flip […]

Setting reminders from Chrome is broken

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There are myriad ways to set reminders tied to your Google account, although Google Home is notably not one of them. But I digress; it looks like Chrome has joined Home in not supporting reminders. Until recently, you could set reminders just by typing them into the desktop Chrome search box. Google seems to have broken […]

Astro’s voice assistant is dedicated to managing your emails

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The Astro email app launched earlier in the year with the promise of helping you to clean up your inbox using AI. It’s available for Office 365 and Gmail accounts and had garnered praise from users of both services. There’s an integration that lets you manage your emails from Slack, and since June it’s been possible to […]

You’ll get a free Gear 360 or 128GB microSD card and wireless charging pad with your Note8 – if you order in time

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As part of today’s Galaxy Note8 announcement, Samsung confirmed it would be offering yet another set of early adopters freebies for those who choose to pick up the company’s latest phone. US customers will be given the choice of either a free Gear 360 camera or a 128GB microSD and a fast wireless charging pad. […]

The Galaxy Note8 is official: 6.3″ display, 6GB RAM, dual rear cameras, pre-orders starting on Aug. 24th

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Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Note8, revealing the (rather heavily-leaked) device at its Unpacked event in New York City today. You won’t be surprised to know that it comes with little in the way of surprises. It’s basically a bigger Galaxy S8+ with a stylus and dual cameras. The Note8 is something of a […]